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Zeynep Kurnaz, PhD

Zeynep Kurnaz is a social science researcher who builds her knowledge in the field of qualitative researches. She studies the sociology of emotions, poverty, industry and ageing.

After graduating from the Department of Sociology of Ankara University in 2002, she started working as a training expert of National Judicial Network Project (UYAP) conducted by HAVELSAN on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. Then she worked as a guiding teacher of high school students for a few years. Later, she worked as a project expert in various research companies for a while. In this period, she started her master at the Department of History of Hacettepe University. She completed her master thesis titled “We-Consciousness” and the Ways of Gaining Visibility of Ethnic Groups in the Ottoman Empire in 2010. The same year, she appointed as a research assistant to the Department of Sociology of the Karabuk University of Turkey within the Training Program of Academic Staff (OYP) and she started to her doctorate at the Department of Sociology of Hacettepe University. She completed her PhD titled The Political Fears and the Construction of Academic Life in Turkey.

Zeynep Kurnaz was a visiting researcher at the Roehampton University (London/UK) between 2013-2014. Currently, she is an assistant professor and the Chair of Applied Sociology in the Sociology Department of Karabuk University.